Daniel Buren Voir Double, travail in situ

15 January21 February 2009

6 rue St-Georges | St-Jorisstraat

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Daniel Buren (°1938, Boulogne-Billancourt) is one of the most influential living French artists. During his career, the artist has adopted an artistic stance that scrutinises and questions the essence of art and the systems supporting it.

Daniel Buren works with a variety of materials including paper, glass, mirrors, Plexiglas, etc. A characteristic pattern of white stripes and one colour returns each time in his work. In the 1960s, he first bought a striped fabric and stretched it. Ever since, he has only made minor adjustments. Via a minimalist strategy, Buren’s work captures the essence of a painting: support and marks, foreground and background, light and colour. However, a Buren is neither a painting nor a sculpture, but an open mark inviting reflection. It demonstrates a leap of thought and a new vision of art as a life form.

The artist claims to live and work in situ. He rejects art as a window or as a representation of something. Daniel Buren teaches us nothing about the nature of the image, but about real architectural space. His intention as an artist is to make the context of the artwork visible to the spectator: space, light, but also to awaken the consciousness of the beholder. His installations in public spaces also function in this manner. Buren seeks to create awareness in the broadest possible sense. By altering perspectives, his work creates a true modification of the context.

The work of Daniel Buren redefines the place in which the artwork occurs, demonstrating complexity and an ideological approach to art and every form of experience. With this gesture, Buren shifts the boundaries of visual art, and paves the way for a new interaction between art and life.

Voir Double, travail in situ is the second exhibition by Daniel Buren at the gallery. Daniel Buren has exhibited in some of the largest art institutions in the world, such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York (2005), the Centre Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He has realized large public projects all over the world and his work is present in numerous public collections. At this moment, Daniel Buren is showing La Coupure, travail in situ, a large in situ installation at the Musée Picasso in Paris. 

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