John Chamberlain

A film by Alexandra Fairweather
Ended 5 June, 2020

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In this film, various interpretations of John Chamberlain’s work are explored including Corinna Thierolf’s comparison of his sculpture to Bernini’s St. Teresa and Professor David Getsy’s assertion that his focus on volume and colour stems from his experiences as a hairdresser and makeup artist following WWII. While Chamberlain acknowledges that there are many hidden meanings in his work, he refuses to talk about what his art means. Rather he asserts that art is the last place, where people can have “an experience of self-discovery.”

HEAARTBEAT captures the man that the public rarely sees: the artist as a father, a husband, and a friend. As he battles health issues, Chamberlain fervently works to complete sculptures that will leave his mark on the world. 

John Chamberlain, HEAARTBEAT (2012)
A film by Alexandra Fairweather
1h 24 min, English