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Xavier Hufkens

Sherrie Levine in Group Exhibition

22 May — 31 December 2021
Bourse de Commerce, Pinault Collection, Paris, France

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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the "Pictures Generation" was characterized by the practices of appropriation and reusing images, thereby taking a critical stance in terms of authorship and art market values. Claiming existing photographs, paintings and sculptures as her own, Sherrie Levine moved away from personal creation to question assumptions of uniqueness, authenticity and originality, the basis for the monetization of a work of art, and factors influencing its market value.

Turning to photography, Levine began producing series entitled “After” followed by the name of the artist used, claiming the loan as a creative mode. The word “after” also reveals the anxiety of arriving too late, after discoveries and revolutions. A feminist, Levine only reproduces works by male artists in an effort to both denounce and thwart the male domination of art, founded on the idea of authority and genius.