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Zoé Whitley on Rachel Eulena Williams

A new video on the exhibition Joy & Rain

American art historian and curator Zoé Whitley walks us through Rachel Eulena Williams’ exhibition Joy & Rain (2022).

“In looking at Rachel Eulena’s practice there is a really interesting approach to materials, how she sources them how she manipulates them, and what ends up existing as both line and composition in and beyond the frame on the wall. We see that even in the ways in which the number of techniques that are employed on each untreated canvas then start to play with our relationships to materials that might be recongisable, say a rope, but then it may be that she has unravelled it, or rebraided it. The way that raw materials like certain fabrics really expose their frayed edges, so we are constantly confronted with these little apertures, and slits and openings and these variations in texture.”