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Xavier Hufkens

Jonathan Horowitz

Los Angeles-based Jonathan Horowitz works in video, sculpture, sound installation, painting and photography and is known for making work that critically examines some of the most controversial social and political issues of the day, including race, sexuality, celebrity, religion and consumerism. Born into the last generation to truly straddle both the analogue and digital eras, Horowitz regularly works with found footage and images, juxtaposing elements from film, television, advertising and the media to reveal connections and breakdowns between pre- and post-digital society and the overlapping modes of communication common to both. Often combining the imagery and insouciance of Pop Art with the critical rigour of Conceptualism, Horowitz’s work is frequently provocative and subversive, but rarely lacks poignancy and humour. Horowitz, who originally studied philosophy and filmmaking, is highly regarded for his acerbic and radical questioning of the value systems inherent within advertising, politics and the media to reveal larger, more uncomfortable truths about contemporary society.

Jonathan Horowitz (b. 1966, New York) lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions include: We Fight to Build a Free World, The Jewish Museum, New York (2020); i1612 DOTS, Oculus World Trade Center, New York (2017); Occupy Greenwich, The Brant Foundation, Greenwich (2016). His exhibition Your Land/My Land: Election ’12 was staged concurrently at seven museums across the US (from the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles to the New Museum, New York, 2012).

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