Pádraig Timoney

Since graduating from Goldsmiths, London, in 1991, Pádraig Timoney has been steadily gaining a reputation as one of the most stylistically diverse, and consistently interesting, contemporary artists. Refusing to be pigeonholed or pinned down to any formal ideas, styles or genres, Timoney constantly challenges his audience whilst pushing the boundaries of his artistic practice. For Timoney, art is less about answering questions, and more about posing them – a process that it is impossible to be reduced to a formula, or a single, easily comprehensible point of view, visual solution or technical style. Just as the world is in state of constant flux and evolution, so too is the artist’s response to it – and thus the questions keep changing. In recent years, painting has gradually acquired a more central place in Timoney’s practice. His exhibitions are often so technically and formally different that they defy conventional analysis. The lack of any integrating force within the works themselves, or a common theme or pre-determined purpose, means that each individual work can only be seen as a question, and possible answer, in its own right. Particularly noteworthy is Timoney’s skilful mixing of traditional and unorthodox materials, which he manipulates in order to reveal new and unexpected possibilities. 

Pádraig Timoney (b. 1968, Derry, Ireland) lives and works in New York. Timoney exhibits widely in Europe and America. In 2014, his work was the subject of a major survey exhibition entitled a lu tiempo de…, curated by Alessandro Rabottini, at Museo Madre, Naples. In 1999, he was part of the curatorial team for the Liverpool Biennial.

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