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Art Brussels

25—28 April 2024
Brussels Expo, Hall 5&6
Booth 5C—33

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Xavier Hufkens is pleased to participate in the 40th edition of Art Brussels with a presentation of works by Milton Avery, Michel François, Antony Gormley, Thomas Houseago, Esther Kläs, Sherrie Levine, Mark Manders, Allan McCollum, Constantin Nitsche, Walter Swennen, Danh Vō and Cathy Wilkes.

Alongside the group presentation, a solo booth with work by Constantin Nitsche will be shown at Art Brussels 2024. In this new body of work, Nitsche transforms everyday scenes into atmospheric compositions that hover between fiction and reality. Through an intensified and heightened portrayal of reality, his compositions feel both fictitious yet plausible, otherworldly but real. Nitsche’s paintings simultaneously serve as a study in colour and composition, with his style alternating between hard-edged, colour-blocked schemes and delicate brushwork. The tonal relationships, which can be complimentary or contrasting, play a defining role in the creation of atmosphere.