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Bertrand Lavier in From Spark to Spirit

3 November 2022—4 February 2023
Outdoor group exhibition at Noor Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Noor Riyadh is a citywide annual festival of light and art that nurtures creativity, promotes talent and delivers awe-inspiring experiences. The exhibition From Spark to Spirit examines light as a signal of change and the role it plays in shaping our relationship to the world. Experience it now until February 4, 2023 at JAX District.

Bertrand Lavier's mixed body of work is as seductive and mesmerizing as neon signs in the New York City night. Half-painting, half-sculpture, they are part of a worksite the artist began nearly a decade ago, in which he appropriated the colored lines of Frank Stella’s Shaped Canvases using neon lights instead of paint. In this particular neon light showcase, the artist has drawn on a series of Stella’s canvases from the early 1960s. The patterns created by the fluorescent tubes beautifully compliment the contours and shapes.