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Bertrand Lavier
En couleur

1 April—3 November 2024
Peyrassol, Flassans-sur-Issole, France

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In 2024, la Commanderie de Peyrassol is delighted to host a solo exhibition by Bertrand Lavier, a prominent French artist of international renown. This unique and beautifully preserved historical site offers a platform for artists to express their sensitivity to the world.

Gathered around the theme of color, nearly twenty works demonstrate his unique approach, which is delightful yet complex, consisting of the repurposing of popular objects and clichés of modern art, “short circuits” and “time put on hold”. The prism of color, which runs through the entire work of the artist, has never been highlighted as such. From its symbolism to its materiality, color is thus presented in all its forms. Color, from its symbolism to its materiality, is showcased in all its aspects in this exhibition that invites visitors to focus on this major issue in art history, to savor its joy or explore its mechanisms.

Whether iconic, recent, or previously unseen, these works also provide an opportunity to celebrate the friendship that has united Bertrand Lavier with Philippe Austruy for about fifteen years, two aesthetes, free in spirit.