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Danh Vō in Avant l'orage

8 February—24 April 2023
Group exhibition at Bourse de Commerce, Paris, France

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From February to September, from winter to autumn, the cycle of exhibitions presented by the Pinault Collection entitled Avant l’orage, invites visitors on a journey from shadow to light, through installations and works, some iconic, others new, by some fifteen artists, throughout the spaces of the Bourse de Commerce.

Against the backdrop of the climate crisis, in the urgency of the present, before the storm breaks again, the artists in the exhibition invent unusual ecosystems that contain new seasons.

Whereas ancestral calendars were conditioned by cosmic movements, our frantic race for progress and abundance has irrevocably transformed our environment. Its disruption forces us to adapt in turn. Formerly the granary of Paris, the Bourse de Commerce building has been both a witness to and an agent in the global acceleration of predatory trade since 1889, resulting from colonisation and the intensive exploitation of the planet’s resources. The building embodies this new, desynchronised cycle of time. In the iron, glass, stone, and concrete architecture of the Bourse de Commerce, which could be that of a greenhouse, a series of fleeting and contradictory temporalities appear, including the landscape imagined by Danh Vō for the Rotunda.