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Danh Vō Presents Sister Corita in Someday is now

22 June 2022—15 January 2023
Nivagaard Collection, Nivá, Denmark

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Danh Vō revisits the Nivaagaard Collection in the summer of 2022 – this time to create an exhibition featuring the visionary and iconic pop artist Sister Corita. From its opening on 22 June and up until 14 August, the exhibition can be experienced together with a summer holiday workshop where both children and adults can try out Corita’s methods for creating images.

The Someday is now exhibition. Danh Vō presents Sister Corita follows up on the previous years’ collaborations with Danh Vō, who presents significant favorite artists from his own collection at the museum. At the exhibition, you can experience Corita’s most important works from the 1960s, which is her most innovative and productive period. There will be displayed works owned by Vō and works borrowed from other private collectors at the Nivaagaard Collection where Sister Corita’s works will be put in display in a dialogue with the museum’s own works.