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Daniel Buren
Aux Beaux Carrés : travaux in situ (Act I)

9 January—18 February 2024
Installation at Le Bon Marché, Paris, France

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For the ninth year running, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is giving carte blanche to a contemporary artist. Who is the guest artist for this year’s exhibition? Daniel Buren. This winter, at 24 rue de Sèvres, the artist is showing ‘Aux Beaux Carrés: travaux in situ’, an exhibition in two Acts inspired by the square panes that make up the store’s famous glass roofs.

In Act I, from 9 January to 18 February, the French artist will embellish the department store by installing huge pieces under the central glass roofs, on the second floor and on the store windows. His legendary alternating black and white stripes, measuring 8.7 centimetres wide, will highlight the central escalator and the columns on rue de Sèvres. A true artistic feat based on a play of form, movement, colour and light.