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David Altmejd, Qiu Xiaofei and Zhang Enli in Friends in the Arts

8 November 2023—28 January 2024
TANK Shanghai, Shanghai, China

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“Friends in the Arts” unites 56 new-generation collectors from China to present contemporary artworks acquired over the past three years. TANK Shanghai meticulously selects representative works in various mediums from these collectors’ global artist portfolios. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in their stories, explore their relationships with contemporary art, and experience the resonance between their collections and our times.

In 2018, TANK Shanghai focused on a group of Chinese contemporary art collectors, presenting a comprehensive exhibition, “Art Patrons,” taking the lead in focusing on Chinese contemporary art collectors. Today, after a five-year hiatus, TANK Shanghai brings back the series of exhibitions “Friends in the Arts.” This time, we shift our focus towards the new-generation collectors, who are actively engaged in the contemporary art scene, aiming to present a more expansive portrayal of the diverse collector community at this juncture.

Most of our friends in the arts have a background of overseas study and actively participate in art and culture-related industries. Their cultural cognizance transcends traditional confines, and their fluid thinking and innovative lifestyles enrich their capacity for discerning judgments in art. This exhibition brings us a glimpse of the different approaches of collectors to contemporary art and collecting in this era. The new generation of collectors, driven by their profound understanding and passion for contemporary art, has emerged as the embodiment of “Friends in the Arts.”

“Friends in the Arts” constitutes a passionate cohort deeply immersed in contemporary art. Collecting becomes a testament to one’s discernment of the present, an expression of empathy with society, and a journey of self-discovery. These individuals are the archivists and nurturers of contemporary art, weaving their unique narratives, making the exhibition “Friends in the Arts” an extension of the “Art Patrons” exhibition.

Artist List: David Altmejd, Hernan Bas, André Butze, Chen Yujun, Chen Xiaoyi, Enzo Cucchi, Henry Curchod, Ding Yi, Ding Shiwei, Dong Dawei, Duan Jianyu, Simon Fujiwara, Noémie Goudal, Mona Hatoum, He Xiangyu, Candida Höfer, Jia Aili, Jiang Zhi, Jiū Society, Izumi Kato, Tomasz Kręcicki, Li Binyuan, Helen Marten, Marilyn Minter, Yuko Mohri, Oscar Murillo, Ouyang Chun, Philippe Parreno, Pu Yingwei, Qiu Xiaofei, Daniel Richter, Gabriel Rico, Pipilotti Rist, Simon Starling, Sun Yitian, Vivian Suter, Wolfgang Tillmans, Wang Yin, Wang Guangle, Kiki Xuebing Wang, Wang Jiajia, Wei Jia, Issy Wood, Xia Yu, Xiao Jiang, Hiroka Yamashita, Yan Bing, Yang Fudong, Ye Linghan, Anicka Yi, Zhang Enli, Zhang Ji, Zhang Zipiao, Zhang Ruyi, Zhang Zhaoying, Zhang Yibei, Zheng Guogu