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Jareh Das on Ulala Imai

A new video on the exhibition MEMORY

In this new video, curator and art critic Dr. Jareh Das discusses Ulala Imai’s current exhibition MEMORY.

“There’s usually quite a distinct separation between the home and the studio, between being an artist and being part of a family or a mother. But in Ulala’s oeuvre, all of these worlds collide. There’s a complete collapse and a non-hierarchical way of thinking about these relationships, which is evident in her paintings, in the choice of what she chooses to paint, in the way she works, in the way that home life bleeds into a painting practice.” — Dr. Jareh Das

Dr Jareh Das is a researcher, writer, independent curator and (occasional) florist who lives and works between West Africa/the UK. Her interests in (global) modern and contemporary art are cross-disciplinary, although her understanding is filtered through the lens of performance art which informs both her academic and curatorial work.