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Frank Walter and Christopher Wool in L’île intérieure

29 April—5 November 2023
Group exhibition at Fondation Carmignac, Porquerolles, France

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From April 29th to November 5th, 2023, the Fondation Carmignac on Porquerolles presents The Inner Island exhibition at Villa Carmignac. As a mise en abyme of the insular location of the Fondation on Porquerolles, the exhibition explores an essential drive of creation, as powerful as it is common: the distancing of reality as to reveal an interiority.

In the beginning are landscapes and bodies, landscapes in bodies then, as dreams often like to produce, a tangle of situation, situations that are blurry, pleasant, and sometimes
disturbing. Faced with work acting as mirages, the gaze wanders.

While contemporary art has never been as political or engaged with the world as it is now, a whole section of creation, and particularly in painting, is seemingly breaking away from it in
order to offer vertiginous immersions into inner worlds and recesses. What is the significance of this current distancing from reality?

More than 80 works by fifty artists, from private and public collections, including the Carmignac collection, but also new productions, will draw the dotted outlines of an inner island, inviting each visitor to fill in the gaps in their own way.