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Giorgio Griffa
Una linea, Montale e qualcos’altro

23 March—25 December 2024
Castello di Miradolo, San Secondo di Pinerolo, Italy

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"I do not represent anything, I paint." This is how Giorgio Griffa, among the leading international exponents of contemporary painting research, named "Artist of the Year 2024" by Il Giornale dell'Arte, describes his work.

"Giorgio Griffa. Una linea, Montale e qualcos’altro" at the Castle of Miradolo is divided into several exhibition stages spanning the four seasons and encompassing more than 50 years of the artist's painting, involving all the spaces of the castle (some for the first time) and its park. Produced by the Cosso Foundation and the Giorgio Griffa Foundation, the exhibition, curated by Giulio Caresio and Roberto Galimberti, was conceived and designed with Giorgio Griffa who also created some site-specific works especially for the occasion.

The exhibition is accompanied by an unprecedented sound installation curated by the art project Avant-dernière pensée, dedicated to the different sections of the exhibition, which investigates assonances and analogies with Giorgio Griffa's painting and emphasizes the itineraries and lines of different instruments and, together, recomposes them as a unity. Musical fragments by John Cage for the work "Twenty Fragments," Chick Corea for "Whites," Steve Reich for "Golden Canon 980," Claude Debussy for the artist's book "Deux Arabesques," Arvo Pärt for the section "From 1968," and Johann Sebastian Bach, with the "Coffee Cantata" for the work "Montale." Writes Giorgio Griffa: "The musical image also travels through the hidden world, introduces us into it, imposes silence on reason, and reason helps us understand the extreme importance of its silence. It opens the door to our deep and unknown inner self."

Running parallel to the exhibition will be the project "Da un metro in giù": an educational path for visitors of all ages to learn, with the tools of play, how to observe works of art and the reality that surrounds us.