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Jan Vercruysse in De klare kijk van Joseph Willaert

1 July—5 November 2023
Group exhibition at Venetiaanse Gaanderijen, Ostend, Belgium

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Describing artist Joseph Willaert (1936 – 2014) is no easy task. He defies categorisation and stands out as a truly unique individual. Quirky, unconventional, and a bit rebellious, he challenges the established norms of the art world while playfully engaging with the viewer. With a blend of humor and irony, Willaert effortlessly puts the art world's codes into perspective and leaves a lasting impression.

Known by various titles like forerunner, trailblazer, and even the man who can bake cakes, Joseph Willaert's artistic creations unfold like vibrant narratives. Simultaneously simple and profound, his works invite exploration from multiple angles: through the lens of cartoons, language, poetry, and humor. Within the Venetian Galleries, you'll encounter numerous doors leading to these diverse realms, each offering a glimpse into the captivating universe of Joseph Willaert.

Walk onto his village square, stroll along the terrace of café De Welkom, peek into the artist's kitchen where the (painted) tea kettle is just not whistling. The door of the guest room leads you to other artists and poets, such as Marcel van Maele, René Heyvaert, Jan Vercruysse, Roger Raveel and Marcel Broodthaers, all contemporaries of Willaert.