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Louise Bourgeois in Embrace The World From Within

1 April—17 September 2023
Group exhibition at Faurschou, New York, NY, USA

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Highlighting works by Louise Bourgeois, Miles Greenberg, and Yoko Ono, the exhibition revolves around physical and metaphorical aspects of the embrace: From embrace as the merging together of bodies, to embrace as an act of acceptance and shelter or by contrast as claustrophobic smothering. Through performance, installation, and sculpture, myriad facets of the embrace are unfolded in three galleries, one dedicated to each artist.

Louise Bourgeois uses tactile sculpture to express her inner conflicts. Though her references may be introverted, they still manage to touch on universal subjects that most people can relate to. In Bourgeois' works, the embrace represents a form of shielding, intended to offer protection. However, even with good intentions, this act of protection can also feel isolating, suffocating, or constricting.