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Louise Bourgeois
Unconscious Memories

21 June—15 September 2024
Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy

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Louise Bourgeois. Unconscious Memories is the first exhibition dedicated to a woman contemporary artist at the Galleria Borghese, and the first Roman exhibition of work by the French-American artist, who was one of the most influential of the last century. Conceived by Cloé Perrone and curated with Geraldine Leardi and Philip Larratt-Smith, the exhibition, produced in collaboration with The Easton Foundation and the Academy of France – Villa Medici, focuses on Bourgeois’ great contribution to sculpture and the deep connection between her artistic practice and the Galleria Borghese.

Louise Bourgeois. Unconscious Memories interweaves the artist’s personal memory with the collective memory of the public museum: the exhibition route passes through several rooms of the Museum, the Aviary and the Meridiana Garden, a place that Bourgeois explored with admiration during her first visit to Rome in 1967. About 20 sculptural works will be in dialogue with the unique architecture of the Casino Borghese and its collection, focusing on themes of metamorphosis, memory, and the expression of emotional and psychological states. These themes, also explored by artists in the Borghese collection, are invigorated by Bourgeois’ contemporary lens, which offers new perspectives on the human experience, thanks in part to her extraordinary diversity of forms, material, and scale, allowing her to express a range of emotional states.