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Milton Avery in Susan Lichtman: At Home at the Rose

11 January—10 March 2024
Group exhibition at Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA, USA

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Artist and educator Susan Lichtman is an observational painter of domestic scenes, using a closely controlled palette and open painting approach to create highly evocative visions of interiors and figures. As a professor at Brandeis University, over the last four decades, Lichtman developed a deep and intimate relationship with the Rose Art Museum: its galleries have served as a classroom for her students, while the museum’s collection has inspired her as an artist.

Susan Lichtman: At Home at the Rose displays paintings from the museum’s permanent collection in dialogue with Lichtman’s recent works. This intimate exhibition sheds light on Lichtman’s process and highlights the influence of artists like Milton Avery, Alex Katz, Fairfield Porter, and others.