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Nicolas Party

7 October 2023—21 January 2024
The Green Family Art Foundation, Dallas, TX, USA

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The Green Family Art Foundation is pleased to present Nicolas Party’s Landscape, in the foundation’s Spotlight Gallery, with an essay by Danielle Avram, opening on October 7, 2023, and remaining on view until January 21, 2024. Running concurrently with Landscape is Togetherness: For Better or Worse, a group exhibition in the foundation’s Main Gallery.

Featuring five artworks by Swiss artist Nicolas Party, Landscape transforms the Spotlight Gallery into an immersive world where visitors can step into imaginary worlds full of beauty and splendor. This exhibition provides a look into Party’s landscapes from recent years: their rich pastels transporting the viewer into surrealist scenes of uncanny whimsy. As a teenager, Party often spent time tagging trains with graffiti in his home of Lausanne, Switzerland. He later adapted this practice to create large-scale murals for museums and public spaces which have become a hallmark of his career and are echoed in the colorful walls of the foundation’s Spotlight Gallery. Neither idyllic nor recognizable, Party’s context-less landscapes leave the viewer to ponder these strange and fantastical worlds without the guiding hand of human intervention. Speaking of these scenes, Party indicates that he “paints an environment that belongs either to a time before or long after humanity, a time when human culture doesn’t affect the landscape.”