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Paul McCarthy and Lilith Stangenberg’s performance reunion

24 August—7 September 2022
at SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, Germany and Volkstheater Vienna, Austria

Audiences will have the rare opportunity to witness a performance by McCarthy and Stangenberg in the form of public filming, each day featuring a different episode. McCarthy: “The title A&E is an abbreviation for Adolf and Eve, as well as Adam and Eve, two cultural cliché polarities. A&E can also stand for Arts & Entertainment. All three designations function as human, cultural signifiers.”

24—28 August 2022
at SchauSpielHaus Hamburg, Germany
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Inspired by the infamous Italian film The Night Porter (1974), the NV / NIGHT VATER project explores the intersections of sex and power, the return of the repressed, the father complex in politics, and the enduring appeal of fascism as an ideology and aesthetic—an adaptation as a restaging of political landscapes. Both improvised and scripted actions will form a cohesive narrative live on stage.

3+4, 6+7 September 2022
at Volkstheater Vienna, Austria
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