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Qiu Xiaofei in M+ Sigg Collection: Another Story

22 September 2023—14 January 2024
Group exhibition at M+, Hong Kong

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M+ Sigg Collection: Another Story  takes a visual approach to examine the styles and practices of contemporary Chinese art from the 1990s to the present. Distinct from the socio-political interpretative framework or the chronological narrative of the inaugural exhibition of the M+ Sigg Collection—From Revolution to Globalisation, Another Story  surveys how artists reconsider their cultural identities and express their uncertain state of being during China's rapid modernisation in the 1990s.

The exhibition brings together a multitude of works that exhibit qualities of overflowing visuals, ambiguous meanings, obsessions with transiency, and traditional interpretation. Another Story is the second of three planned exhibitions of the M+ Sigg Collection. It offers a different perspective on understanding contemporary Chinese art and foregrounds its unique visual language through the lens of artists who strive for self-presence.