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Roni Horn
The Detour of Identity

2 May—1 September 2024
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark

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Subtle undertones, secret messages and erotic signals come to the surface when her works are shown in dialogue with a number of the great movie classics. This is the first major solo presentation in the Nordics of Roni Horn, one of the most influential and acclaimed artists of our time.

There is something very powerful about the work of the American artist Roni Horn (born 1955), one of the biggest names and most versatile talents in contemporary art. Seemingly razor-sharp and cool, it juxtaposes humans and landscape, permanence and changeability, obscurity and transparency in a flow of light, water and weather.

In many ways, Roni Horn stands out as a unique figure in contemporary art. She has exhibited at a wide range of the world’s leading museums and works in all media – photography, sculpture, drawing. She considers drawing to be her primary activity and the true foundation of her entire body of work. Additionally, she is a brilliant writer and has published many books.