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Saâdane Afif in Transformations

25 Mars—3 September 2023
Group exhibition at Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf, Switzerland

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The exhibition Transformationen (Transformations) centres on a selection of about 300 exhibits from the collection of the cooperative-based Mobiliar, which at this point comprises over 2000 artworks. Objects, sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, videos, and photographs by over 100 artists are on display.

Transformations reflects the conviction that engaging with art is meaningful on different levels. Artworks provide us with food for thought. Artworks inspire new ideas and perspectives. Artworks encourage us to be conscious, curious, and courageous in our approach to transformative issues – both in our private and our professional life.

The exhibition’s aim is to show a broad audience how this can be achieved.On the one hand, Transformations relates stories of change from the perspective of artists. The show provides insights into how creative people respond to the challenges of our time. Artists are seismographs because they use their artistic and transformative methods to address current and contentious issues long before they become the subject of broad public debates. Responsibility, communality, climate change, solidarity, insecurity, happiness, power, time management, and personal space are among the themes featured in the exhibition.

On the other hand, Transformations extends to aspects of individual, personal change. The central question is: “Which of the proposed ideas could be applied to our own personal development?” “Transformations” is thus also an inspiring space for reflection, a kind of innovative toolbox visitors can access to examine themselves as well as their private and professional environment.For decades, supporting artists by purchasing artworks has been an important part of la Mobilière’s wide-ranging cooperative engagement. This commitment also includes awarding young artists with the Prix Mobilière. In connection with Transformations, la Mobilière will be showing two solo exhibitions by Isabelle Krieg and Georges Wenger at their headquarters in Bern and Nyon from late April 2023 onwards.