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Tracey Emin in An Imaginary Audience

2 December 2022—23 April 2023
Group exhibition at Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany

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A brief history of Performance Art with works and archive material by Yael Bartana, Tracey Emin, Rebecca Horn, Stephan von Huene with Yasuhiro Sakamoto, Jürgen Klauke, Eva Koťátková, Oleg Kulik, and Emeka Ogboh

The archive presentation An Imaginary Audience. A brief history of performance art, part of the exhibition series SYNCH, is based on a comprehensive research for investigating the exhibition history of Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden through performance art.

This endeavor focuses on performativity as an artistic tool and the transition of the audience from a receiver to a participant, performer, and user in the digital age. Observing the organization of everyday life in Baden-Baden, its maps of social relationships, rituals, and ceremonies, we are inspired to ask: in a distinctively ‘performative’ city such as Baden-Baden, how do a public institution and her publics remember performance art and performativity?