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Frank Walter
Frank Walter’s Chessboard

texts by by Nina Khruscheva, Mia Matthias, Barbara Paca and Frank Walter, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2022, 172 pages, English

Order — 35€

Xavier Hufkens is pleased to present a new catalogue on Frank Walter, published in accordance with the exhibition Frank Walter’s Chessboard (2022). ​Essays by Nina Khruscheva, Mia Matthias and Barbara Paca consider Walter’s manifold and remarkable artistic output. Alongside 85 illustrated works, the catalogue also includes archival material from Frank Walter’s studio in Antigua, transcribed audio recordings as well as poetry by the artist and a descriptive genealogy of the Walter Family.

​From Mia Matthias’ essay, ‘Lord of Follies’: “Walter enacted refusal by evading easy categorization and producing works that embody his endurance and adaptability. Given repeated and systemic rejection by oppressive structures, it is no wonder that Walter delves into creating and exploring his own systems. Walter creates and lives inside of an intricate narrative that protects him from the repeated affronts of the world. In his artwork, Walter’s multiple selves exist simultaneously: the artist as the world sees him and the artist as he sees himself.”