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Thomas Houseago
Vision Paintings

texts by Thomas Houseago, Nick Cave, Flea, L.d.C., published by Editions Dilecta, 2023, 312 pages, hardcover, English

Order — 65€

During the last couple of years, Thomas Houseago, best known as a sculptor, has started painting as a form of liberation, expressing the emotive and restorative power of his practice. His series (Arizona Drawings, Vision Paintings, Vortex Paintings, California Love Songs, Resistance & Hope), composed of large-scale, expressive paintings, which he produced outdoors (in places such as Malibu, Big Sur, Yosemite), focuse on subjects such as nature, cosmic unity and the cycle of life. Both figurative and more abstract paintings testify to the artists’ discovery journey through both the psychological and physical.

Vision Paintings, the first book entirely dedicated to Thomas Houseago’s paintings, features a wide selection of works—more than 130—created between 2020 and 2022, and is ponctuated by close-ups, citations and pages from the artist’s own journals, and by texts by Nick Cave and Flea.

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