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McArthur Binion in conversation with Anne Pontégnie

Filmed in Brussels, the artist discusses his exhibition Visual:Ear/Paper:Work

McArthur Binion and Anne Pontégnie discuss the artist’s first exhibition at the gallery, Visual:Ear/Paper:Work (2022).

“I don't read anything about me. I hope I'll have time in my life to read and to be able to accept who I am. Because I think that the longer I don't accept who I am, the more I can grow the paintings.” — McArthur Binion

Anne Pontégnie is curator-at-large for Le Consortium (Dijon) and curator for the Cranford Collection (London). Prior to that, she was chief curator at Wiels (Brussels), an institution she founded together with Dirk Snauwaert. She curated numerous solo exhibitions with artists, such as Mike Kelley, Daan Van Golden, Kelley Walker, Edith Dekyndt, Roe Ethridge and Mark Leckey.