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  • Christopher Wool
    Bad Rabbit

    text by Christopher Wool, published by Holzwarth Publications, 2022, 190 pages, English

    Order — 115€
  • Nicolas Party

    texts by Stéphane Aquin, Stefan Banz, Ali Subotnick and Melissa Hyde, published by Phaidon Press, 2022, 160 pages, English

    Order — 45€
  • Daniel Buren

    Published by Roulette Russe, Copenhagen, 2022, 448 pages, hardcover, English

    Sold out
  • Zhang Enli

    text by Anne Pontégnie, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2021, 92 pages, English and Mandarin

    Order — 30€
  • Nicolas Party

    texts by Tobia Bezzola, Michele Robecchi, edited by MASI Lugano, published by Scheidegger & Spiess, 2021, 176 pages, English, German and Italian

    Sold out
  • Huma Bhabha
    Against Time

    texts by Danielle Shang and Emma Dean, Published by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, 2021, 64 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Ulala Imai

    Published by Parco, Tokyo, 2021, 168 pages, soft cover, Japanese & English

    Sold out
  • Sayre Gomez

    texts by Giampaolo Bianconi, CAWD, Maurin Dietrich, Rita Gonzalez, published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther and Franz König, 2021, 122 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Esther Kläs
    ll (elle elle)(long lines)

    text by Joris Dockx, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2021, 28 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Milton Avery

    text by Edith Devaney, Erin Monroe, Marla Price, Waqas Wajahat, published by Royal Academy of Arts, 2021, 150 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Alice Neel

    texts by Kelly Baum and Randall Griffey, with contributions by Meredith A. Brown, Julia Bryan-Wilson, and Susanna V. Temkin, published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2021, 256 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Walter Swennen

    texts by Hans Theys, includes additional correspondence, interviews, artist writings, and archival documents, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2021, 332 pages, English, French, Dutch

    Order — 50€
  • Tracey Emin
    Detail of Love

    text by Kenny Schachter, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2020, 116 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Nicolas Party
    Magritte parti

    text by Michel Draguet, published by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, 2020, 80 pages, available in English, French and Dutch

    Sold out
  • Sterling Ruby /
    Robert Mapplethorpe

    text by Ed Schad, exhibition notes by Sterling Ruby, revised edition published by Xavier Hufkens in 2020, 72 pages, English

    Order — 30€
  • Nicolas Party

    text by Melissa Hyde, published by The FLAG Art Foundation, 2020, 236 pages, English

    Sold out
  • McArthur Binion

    text by Grace Deveney, Franklin Sirmans, Michael Stone Richards, published by Diana Nawi, 2020, 192 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Sterling Ruby

    text by Jeffrey De Blois, published by Xavier Hufkens, 2020, 128 pages, English

    Order — 30€
  • Zhang Enli
    A Room that Can Move

    texts by Gregor Muir, Philippe Pirotte, conversation with Gong Yan, Hou Hanru, and Zhang Enli, published by Power Station of Art, 2020, 288 pages, Mandarin, English

    Sold out
  • Jan Vercruysse
    Jan Vercruysse, 1990

    text by Anton Pereira Rodiguez, includes a DVD with the film Jan Vercruysse, 1990 by Jeff Cornelis, published by Jan Vercruysse Foundation, Brussels and ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts, Brussels, 2020, 12 pages, English, Dutch

    Order — 25€
  • Huma Bhabha
    They Live

    contributions by Carter E. Foster, Ed Halter, Jessica Hong, Shanay Jhaveri, Eva Respini, Huma Bhabha, and Sterling Ruby, published by Yale University Press in association with the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, 2019, 208 pages, English

    Sold out
  • Antony Gormley

    texts by Luca Massimo Barbero, Shen Qilan, Renata Pintus, Max Seidel and Serena Calamai, Antonio Godoli, published by le Gallery deli Uffiziand Giunti Editore, 2019, 224 pages, English

    Order — 35€
  • Lesley Vance
    Paintings 2013—2019

    essay by Douglas Fogle, interview between Lesley Vance and Amy Sherlock, published by Xavier Hufkens, Brussels Bortolami, New York; David Kordansky, Los Angeles; Herald St, London; Gregory R. Miller & Co., New York, 2019, 136 pages, English

    Order — 40€
  • Thomas Houseago
    Almost Human

    texts by Fabrice Hergott, Penelope Curtis, Olivia Gaultier-Jeanroy and others, published by Les musées de la Ville de Paris, 2019, 210 pages, English and French

    Sold out